Begin creating your album designs by using your choice of many popular design software options such as:


TIP: You can access our design guideline templates in .jpg, .psd, .indd & .idml formats HERE

If you are looking for an easier and time saving design option.
Please check out one of the design software suites linked below:


To ensure your design files are output or print ready there are a few simple things to keep in mind during the design and export phase.

FILE FORMAT: All design files must be saved as a .JPEG
COLOURSPACE: Embedded colourspace should be sRGB
FILE RESOLUTION: Recommended 300DPI, Quality (12)

TIP: When a “Vellum Add On” is required your design must start on a 1/2 spread for the vellum effect to work.


Please use your choice of file transfer solutions and pre-upload your images in a client named “folder” using one of the following:

TIP: Once the upload is complete simply create a sharable link that you will then post into the “File Share Link” area in each order form via the Dekora SHOP.


Most options and fields within the order forms are clearly marked.

All order form items that are marked by an asterisk * are mandatory and require input from the photographer. 

TIP: If there are options such as IMPRINT or ADD ONS where there is a “NO THANKS” option please ensure you have selected the correct option that applies to that order.


Our standard (production) turnaround times are as follows. If you have a more time sensitive product requirement please Email Us a detailed request HERE

Albums Only……………………………………………………..15 Business Days*
Albums + Custom Album Box……………………………..20 Business Days*
Unbound Album………………………………………………..20 Business Days*
Mat Box, Loose Print Box……………………………………20 Business Days*
Loose Prints……………………………………………………7-10 Business Days*
Matted Folios……………………………………………………..15 Business Days*

RUSH ORDER (Except Holiday Season)…………………8 Business Days*

*Business Days (production timelines) are Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm EST

Albums Only
15 Business Days*

Albums + Custom Album Box
20 Business Days*

Unbound Album
20 Business Days*

Mat Box, Loose Print Box
20 Business Days*

Loose Prints
7-10 Business Days*

Matted Folios
15 Business Days*

RUSH ORDER (Except Holiday Season)
8 Business Days*

*Business Days (production timelines) are Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm EST

TIP: Shipping times are NOT included in the PRODUCTION timelines listed above.


We offer our clients the DROP SHIPPING option as a service free of charge. 

When placing your order via the Dekora SHOP simply edit the “ship to” address to match your desired clients address Details.

TIP: It is important to include all details such as phone number as it might be required by our courier services during delivery



Dekora offers an assortment of guideline templates for use with industry software options such as Adobe Photoshop & Indesign

Trim/Bleed Area 0.125 inch : The “trim area” that is cut off the design during the binding and trimming process. Trim amount for all albums Dekora makes is 0.125 inches on all 4 sides of the album block.

Safety Area 0.375 inch – The “safety area” are inside the trimmed album design where you should place images inset into the design where an even white area is desired between the image/images in the page and the albums trimmed edge. The safety is applicable to top/bottom right/left edges of each design.

Score/Crease – The centre of the folded spread. A thin crease or score is the way the seamless spread folds to flip pages.







TIP: Always be mindful of the trim & safety area as they are extremely important when image details might be lost or off centre when the album block is trimmed


Your design preference is personal. Dekora offers 3 unique ways to layout your albums.
Example: For a 10 spreads album. All options count as 10 spreads for billing and ordering purposes.

TIP: Click the images below to see more examples of options.

Option 1: All Spreads

Option 2: 1/2 Spread start,
9 full spreads

Option 3: 1/2 Spread start, 9 full spreads, 1/2 spread close

TIP: For the Artisan Album or when “Vellum Add On” is ordered your design MUST start one a 1/2 spread for those albums to be constructed as ordered


File requirements for a vellum design:

1/2 Spreads (Start Page)

Vellum File

Vellum Effect

TIP: To review and verify the design has the desired effect and position you can proof this in photoshop. Drag the vellum design on top of page 01 and layer adjusted to 65% opacity (Vellum Effect)

– Create your VELLUM design in ©Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign
– Design a 1/2 spread or (page) for the chosen album size ie: 8×8
– Start design with a white background document
– Place text and or vector graphics in location and colour of choice
– Please do not use any white for the text or vector graphics
– Save file as a JPEG in sRGB colourspace at 300DPI 

TIP: For the Artisan Album (includes vellum) or when “Vellum Add On” is ordered your design MUST start one a 1/2 spread for those albums to be constructed as ordered


Dekora offers 3 sizes of Cameo options:

3″ x 3″

4″ x 6″

6″ x 4″

Square Albums: All cameo’s are placed “centre/centre” on the front cover unless text imprint is required.

Vertical & Horizontal Albums: All Cameo’s are placed Above Centre unless noted by photographer in order comments

Tip: File requirement: “3×3” @ 300DPI. Approximately .25 inch of the image edge will be covered in the mounting process

Metal Plate Option: 

We offer the metal plate in 1 size only 3”x3” in either black or white metal

Design for the metal plate is done by the Dekora staff.


Dekora offers many handset fonts to choose from. Certain limitations in character counts special symbols and accents do apply.

For a document of our available TEXT IMPRINT (Handset Letters) fonts please click HERE


Our “house” calligraphy is a special digital font we have selected to offer our clients for their special applications.

For a document of our available Calligraphy (House Font) IMPRINT Characters please click HERE

TIP: All UPPER CASE names are NOT recommended with this FONT

The file will be created by the Dekora production staff.

Due to the digital nature of this font the letters cannot be altered or customized. If customizations are required please consider the custom calligraphy option outlined below.

CALLIGRAPHY (Custom Designs)

Our custom calligraphy option is very popular due to the flexibility in the design options. Photographers are able to design a wide variety of vector graphic designs that can be created into an imprinting die.

With this option it is not just for calligraphy but studio logos, monograms, organic designs and geometric shapes can be created and used.

If you are looking for some great ideas for this Imprint option be sure to check out beautiful fonts & vector graphics from  CREATIVE MARKET

TIP: Custom Design File requirements: Please submit an outlined correctly sized .AI or .EPS vector file created in ©Adobe Illustrator

Imprint die sizes currently offered:
1” x 5”, 3”x3”, 4”x4”

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